Balloon valvuloplasty

Balloon valvuloplasty

Balloon valvuloplasty is one of the procedures that involve fixing a heart valve having one or multiple narrow openings. Also known as balloon valvotomy or valvuloplasty, this issue can give rise to many problems such as heart attack, cardiac arrest, and many more.

Unless you opt for a treatment with our expert team of cardiologists. We will examine all the possibilities that gave rise to blockage. We will thoroughly inspect every section of the heart valve that can cause this issue. Thereafter, we will check whether this treatment seems the right fit for it to happen.

Our cardiologists will insert a long and thin catheter tube with a small balloon on its tip into an artery on either arm or groin. X-rays or MRIs guide the catheter tube to the narrowed heart valve with precision. The doctor inflates the balloon to open the valve and widen it by separating the valve flaps. After the balloon deflates, both the catheter and balloon are removed.

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