Temporary and Permanent Pacemaker

Temporary and Permanent Pacemaker

A pacemaker is a device implanted on the heart that helps to regulate your heartbeat even when it's critically high or low. All this becomes possible with the help of small electrical impulses that fixes the heart muscle without any problems. It typically treats arrhythmias, congestive heart failure, and syncope.

Whenever your heartbeat drops to a dead level, these pacemakers infuse an electrical impulse that maintains its level. There are two types of pacemakers that our cardiologists may opt i.e., leadless pacemaker and biventricular pacemaker.

The procedure generally takes place in our special pacemaker labs. The nurses will cut hairs associating with this procedure. Then, they will inject some kind of sedative or anaesthesia to relax the muscle from twitching. Our cardiologists will then inject an intravenous IV line from either vein in your arm or hands. This IV line delivers required fluids and medications during the entire procedure.

The procedure will take place under the supervision of our expert hands. Along with it, the gadgets used here will be ECG, pacemaker, oximeter, and Blood pressure monitor.

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